The Lemelson Foundation and the U.S. National Science Foundation Partner to Promote Environmental and Social Sustainability in Engineering Education

The Lemelson Foundation recently signed an agreement with the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) aligned with EOP’s goals to amplify and accelerate the integration of sustainability across engineering programs nationally.

“Engineers have an important role in addressing many grand challenges — such as infrastructure resilience, climate change, and the growth of emerging industries and manufacturing — where sustainability is an essential component,” said Susan Margulies, NSF Assistant Director for Engineering. “Engineering students want to make our world better, and the NSF-Lemelson Initiative will prepare them with the interdisciplinary tools and practices they will need to address complex challenges.”

Over three years, The Lemelson Foundation will provide up to $3 million to co-support qualified engineering education projects selected by the NSF Research in the Formation of Engineers program.

Learn more about this collaboration on NSF’s website.