About EOP

Engineering for One Planet (EOP) is an initiative to transform engineering education and equip all future engineers across all disciplines with the fundamental skills and principles of social and environmental sustainability.

Catalyzed by The Lemelson Foundation and VentureWell in collaboration with hundreds of sustainability advocates across sectors, the EOP initiative envisions a world in which all engineers play a critical role in ensuring that the solutions of today do not become the problems of tomorrow, restoring and regenerating our environment, and improving lives for all. 

The Need

Engineers and designers impact nearly everything human-made. From consumer goods to hardware and software products to buildings and modes of transportation, their decisions regarding design, algorithms, source materials, production, distribution, and disposal can make positive or negative impacts now and for lifetimes to come. 

Despite significant growth in sustainability topics in engineering education, most engineering students are not learning sustainability-focused concepts, tools, and methodologies. The professional demand for engineers who are equipped with core skills and mindsets in environmental, social, and economic sustainability is outpacing the supply.

The Opportunity

The global demand for environmental and climate justice and planetary protections comes from all stakeholders – from students, educators, and professionals to citizens, consumers, and advocates to corporations, and governments. Organizations like ABET (formerly the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) and professional engineering associations are highlighting the need to accelerate the integration of competencies in environmental and social sustainability across engineering education.

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