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Discover the unique opportunities to get involved with Engineering for One Planet! Learn about the EOP Network, find ways to take action in our Scaling for Impact workshop, and join our mission to change the course of engineering by adding yourself to our We Are EOP community!

We Are EOP

The EOP Community comprises all forms of supporters who believe in a common goal: to ensure all future engineers across all disciplines learn the fundamental skills and principles of social and environmental sustainability. Whether you’re a professor interested in adopting the EOP Framework into your courses, a professional who is interested in advancing social and environmental sustainability, or a philanthropic or government leader who wishes to help institute systemic change in engineering education, be part of our EOP movement and sign up today to become part of our “We Are Engineering for One Planet” community!

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EOP Network

In 2021, a group of more than 40 individuals and organizations from across the engineering system convened to launch the EOP Network. The goal of this impact-driven network is to bring diverse stakeholders together who share a commitment to redefining engineering education to equip all engineers with fundamental skills in environmental and social sustainability. Participants  actively shape the work of the EOP Network, identifying and pursuing projects and collaborations that further the network’s purpose, as described in the EOP Network Charter.

Network members are working on collaborative projects such as collaborating with the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) on a cross-cutting sustainability division, creating a sustainability competition and conference toolkit, and developing interview guides for students seeking internships and jobs that integrate sustainability.

In July 2022, EOP invited new applicants to join, growing to over 70 members. The EOP Network will intentionally expand slowly to create conditions that lead to trust and collaboration. Please sign up for EOP updates to learn about future opportunities to join the network.

Scaling for Impact —How You Can Help

In June 2022, the EOP Scaling for Impact Workshop, funded by the National Science Foundation, engaged over 100 attendees representing engineering industry, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations to contribute to the building of a five-year roadmap to transform the national engineering curriculum across the US. 

Whether you are an engineering educator or you use engineering in your life, there is a role you can play. Check out the following reports to learn more:

  • The EOP Strategic Roadmap provides a five-year strategic vision including guidance on how to reimagine curricula, foster leadership and advocacy, and build a collaborative ecosystem for ensuring all engineering supports a sustainable future. Click here to download it.
  • The EOP Action Item Agenda provides ideas for the actions you can take as an individual. Click here to download a PDF of the Action Item Agenda.

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